Advice on Flights and Trains

Train travel and flights do not form part of our packages. Travel to and from the start of a tour is your responsibility. However we can provide you with advice on relevant train, flights and general travel arrangements that tie into our holidays.

You will need to book flights directly with appropriate airlines and agents who will send you confirmation and tickets for those flights. Many of our destinations are accessible via budget airlines and may be booked directly on the internet. Contact us for advice on train options or European Bike Express.

Geneva to Nice tour:  Getting to and from with your bike

For all the options please discuss them with us first, and do not book your transport until we confirm that the tour is going ahead.


Both Geneva and Nice are well served with budget and scheduled airlines. The budget airlines now require your bike in a cardboard box, or specialist bike bag/box. CTC style plastic bags are now not accepted (see the baggage sections of airlines websites to get the latest information). We can arrange to collect you from Geneva airport and transport you to the start hotel. Your options for flying are:

  • * Pack your bike into a cardboard bike box (get one from your local bike shop, they are pleased to get rid of them!) Use lots of pipe lagging and bubble wrap. Unpack at the hotel. Dispose of the box and contents. We will get you a replacement box and packing materials in Nice as long as you let us know in sufficient time.
  • * Hard case bike boxes. We can arrange to transport the bike box/case to Nice for a charge. The cases go separately. If you don’t own a hard shell bike case they can be hired from a number of companies. Email us if you need more advice.


See man in seat 61 and Trainline or phone Rail Europe. You would need to book your bike on Eurostar. Good service Paris to Geneva. Good service Nice to Paris (overnight sleeper) allows bikes if booked.


Drive to the start hotel. Stay one night, leave your bike and luggage. Drive to Nice. Park at cheap longstay parking at the airport. Use the train or fly back to Geneva and be collected. (Customers have done this on a past trip and it worked well.) Contact us for more details.

Bike Bus

Bike bus to Orange, train to Annecy (we start at La Roche sur Foron). Return: train from Nice to Orange. Pick up bike bus (a lot of waiting around).


Passports Visa and Health: all non-UK tours

For non UK destinations you will need a passport. Customers from outside the UK will need to check the particular requirements for their country of origin. Travel within the EU for EU citizens does not require a Visa. EU citizens must hold a passport with at least six months validity remaining at the end of the tour. Holders of non-EU passports are advised to check whether they require a visa.

Treatment in EU countries is governed by reciprocal arrangements the UK has with the rest of the EU. UK citizens should carry an EHIC European Health Insurance Card (this replaces the old E111 certificate). Non UK residents should check the health care arrangements their country of residence has with the holiday location. In all cases you must have adequate health and accident insurance cover as stated in the Terms and Conditions. The EHIC card will not cover all of your costs and many services which are free in the UK are subject to charges in the EU. Your travel insurer may refuse to meet the extra costs if you do not carry an EHIC card.

There are no compulsory health related requirements for UK residents, but you are strongly advised to check that your tetanus protection has not expired.